Wednesday April 25, 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Special Interest Group: AALHE - Purposeful Assessment

The Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) is organizing this SIG to provide a forum to discuss purposeful assessment, increase networking opportunities, and share resources. In this interactive session, facilitators will host discussion tables and attendees rotate among the tables. The facilitators will give a short presentation followed by table discussion. We will close the session by sharing important take-aways and ideas for your campus.

Table topics:

Healthy Culture of Assessment. What does a healthy culture of assessment look like? How do we know that assessment of learning is emphasized, valued and celebrated at our institutions and communicated via a shared language? At this table, we will explore dimensions of culture and provide resources for collaboration.

Using Assessment to Guide Learning – From the Course, Up. Once we determine what our students should be able to know and do by the time they leave our courses, programs, and campuses, we can design how the learning is delivered, practiced, and assessed. This table addresses using assessment as a tool for change, building from the course all the way up to program improvement and campus reporting.

Gather and Share Purposeful Assessment Data. An effective assessment paradigm is faculty-centric: policies, tools, and rewards directly benefit faculty. This table addresses how each step of assessment (gather, display, analyze, improve, share) can purposely serve as a catalyst for continuous improvement; technology displays will be one example of inspiring faculty and facilitating critical thinking and dialog.

Communicating Results. All too often reports of results sit on shelves or on unvisited websites which typically leads to no action. This table addresses a set of intentional strategies for reporting results and engaging relevant people on campus in ways that promote program evolution and improved student achievement.

We welcome faculty, staff, and administrators to our session. No prior assessment knowledge needed.

Monica Stitt-Bergh
Assessment Specialist, Assessment Office, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
President, Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE)
Valerie Landau
Director of Assessment, Samuel Merritt University
AALHE member
Melissa Simnitt
Assessment Specialist for Academic Programs, CSU San Marcos
AALHE member
David Turbow
Director of Assessment, Southern California University of Health Sciences
Member of AALHE’s Publications Committee and its Emerging Dialogues Subcommittee
Presentation materials: