Thursday April 26, 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm
WSCUC Led Session: Getting Ready for Your First Seeking Accreditation Visit

Your institution has already attended the required eligibility workshop and achieved eligibility. This session is primarily designed for institutions with eligibility but now getting ready for their first Seeking Accreditation Visit. A shortened version of what staff liaisons present on-campus will be offered with a focus on the process followed after eligibility, levels of required compliance to achieve Candidacy or Initial Accreditation, elements to be contained in the institutional report, and possible outcomes. Richard Osborn, who oversees the eligibility process at WSCUC and in his nine years as a Vice President has worked with many institutions in achieving accreditation, will be joined by Essam Abdelhafiz, Advisor, Office of the Vice Chancellor, at United Arab Emirates University. Dr. Abdelhafiz, who oversaw one of the most successful Seeking Accreditation Visits will provide a “ground floor” look at how UAEU approached the process to achieve accreditation.

Richard Osborn
Vice President
WASC Senior College and University Commission
Essam Abdelhafiz
Advisor, Office of the Vice Chancellor
United Arab Emirates University