Thursday April 26, 9:15 am – 10:15 am
Track 3: Student Learning and Achievement
Track 4: Telling Higher Education’s Story
Track 5: Higher Education’s Stakeholders: Families, Employers, Policy Makers, and the Public
Best Practices in the Assessment of Current and New Programs

Participants will learn how to assess the fit between an institution’s programs and external markets.  Gray will identify sources for data on student demand, employment opportunities, competition, and degree fit.  Institutional leaders will describe a proven process that enables better and faster decisions while building consensus among faculty and administrators.

Bob Atkins
CEO and Founder
Gray Associates, Inc

Bob led Gray’s entry into higher education and the development of the underlying data, systems, and processes for Gray’s work on program portfolio strategies.  He has years of experience informing and facilitating program choices for trade schools, colleges, and universities. This work ranges from researching one program in one market, to the nationwide program portfolio strategies that we will share with your member institutions.

Joseph Hoey
Associate Provost
National University