Thursday April 26, 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm
Track 1: Fundamentals and Foundations - Commitment to Quality, Learning, and Improvement
Track 2: Faculty Roles, Responsibilities, and Support
Track 3: Student Learning and Achievement
Track 4: Telling Higher Education’s Story
Track 5: Higher Education’s Stakeholders: Families, Employers, Policy Makers, and the Public
Update on a Multi-Campus Implementation of the Flipped Classroom in Gateway STEM Courses

San Jose State University, California State University Los Angeles, and Cal Poly are collaborating to flip the classroom in seven gateway STEM courses. Preliminary results of the flip in Calculus and Physics will be presented, along with a summary of best practices and ongoing efforts to promote institutional change.

Laura Sullivan-Green
Associate Professor
San Jose State University
Andy Feinstein
San Jose State University
Patricia Backer
San Jose State University
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