Friday April 27, 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Track 1: Fundamentals and Foundations - Commitment to Quality, Learning, and Improvement
Track 2: Faculty Roles, Responsibilities, and Support
Track 3: Student Learning and Achievement
Track 4: Telling Higher Education’s Story
Track 5: Higher Education’s Stakeholders: Families, Employers, Policy Makers, and the Public
Gateway College: A Model for Workforce Development and Higher Education

Community. Collaboration. Interprofessional Education. In the spirit of FUTURE PERFECT, we will discuss the ideal relationship between traditional higher education and career/vocational training. LLU and its Gateway College are testing a partnership model that is rarely attempted. Students in entry-level certificate programs gain valuable experience and education in a world-class clinic, along with mentorship from professional practitioners, residents, and traditional university students.

Ronald Carter
Loma Linda University
Richard Hart
Loma Linda University
Arwyn Wild
Executive Director
San Manuel Gateway College
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