Wednesday April 25, 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Early: $240 Advance: $265 Onsite: $320
CEO Luncheon & Forum

This year’s CEO Luncheon and Forum is designed to provide institutional leaders maximum opportunity to meet and engage with WSCUC’s new President, Jamienne Studley, and new Commission Chair, Professor Reed Dasenbrock. Critical issues on presidents’ minds will be explored from campus, state, and national points of view, along with the potential for accreditation broadly and WSCUC specifically to lead and to change. Questions on the table will range from “what’s working” and “what are we proud of” to “what keeps us up at night” and “what should keep us up at night.”

President Studley’s experience includes service as college president, federal policy maker in two administrations, and chair of NACIQI as well as adjunct faculty member at three WSCUC-accredited institutions and California civil rights and education advocate. She brings new perspectives to accreditation’s roles in quality assurance, student success, and institutional improvement. Commission Chair Dasenbrock, with experience across multiple states, systems, and disciplines, similarly invites fresh questions and vision. They will partner with current CEOs for a session that will be relevant, lively, candid, and perhaps provocative.

The success of this Forum will be measured by whether:

  • CEOs each leave with a few actionable ideas and contacts
  • WSCUC gathers recommendations for bold action and its own increased effectiveness, and identifies voices, stories, and leaders we can draw on
  • Conversations go beyond platitudes and familiar anxieties to reach deeper understanding and new possibilities for action.
Jamienne S. Studley
WASC Senior College and University Commission
Reed Dasenbrock
WASC Senior College and University Commission